Campus WiFi

Connecting to the TCC Campus Wifi

Information Technology recently completed its conversion to a new wireless network that has greatly improved the Internet experience for the entire campus community.  Wireless connectivity is available for current students, faculty, staff, and guest of Tallahassee Community College.  Below is some helpful information on how to connect your devices to the new wireless networks. 


To register, you must have access to a cell phone capable of receiving text messages.  Your username and password can only be sent to you by text message. 

  • If you are a guest, select TCC_Guest 
  • You will be prompted to register and accept the Acceptable Use Policy.
  • You will receive a text message with your username and password.
  • Select TCC_Guest from available networks then enter your username and password.
  • Need additional help connectingClick Here for detailed help sheets on connecting to TCC_Guest.

Students, Faculty, or Staff

Students, faculty, or staff can connect to the TCC_WiFi using their TCC username and password.   

  • Select TCC_WiFi.
  • Enter your TCC username and password. (Note: The first part of your TCC email address.)
  • Need additional help connecting? Click Here for detailed help sheets on connecting to TCC_WiFi. 

Gaming/Other Devices

Current students, faculty, and staff can register personal devices for WiFi access, even if they don’t support authentication with a username and password.  You will need to register personal devices from another device that is already connected to TCC_WiFi. 

  • First, you will need to register new devices.  This can be done from another device on campus that is already connected to TCC_WiFiClick here to register 
  • After your device has been registered you can connect it to TCC_IOT. 
  • Need additional help connecting? Click Here for detailed help sheets on connecting to TCC_IOT. 

TCC Event

TCC visitors attending official TCC events have the ability to join the TCC_Event network.  

  • Select TCC_Event. 
  • Enter your event username and password. (Please see your event coordinator to obtain the event username and password.) 
  • Need additional help connecting? Click Here for detailed help sheets on connecting to TCC_Event.