Facilities Key Procedures

Facilities Key Procedure

Key(s), FOB(s) (for Center For Innovation & Gated Parking Lots) and ID Cards are assigned to authorized Tallahassee Community College (TCC) personnel, University Partners and authorized contractors.

To initiate the request process, the authorized department supervisor or office manager will submit a customer request in AiM with one of the following Problem Codes:

  • “KEY REQUESTS” for traditional keys
  • “KEY FOBS” for Center For Innovation & Gated Parking Lots
  • “ID REQUEST” for new or replacement ID Cards (ID Card requests are fulfilled by TCC Campus Police.)
  • “C-CURE ACCESS” for Swipe Access
    (Please note there is a one-time non-refundable cost of $35 per Parking FOB for non-Executive positions).

After receipt of the AiM customer request, Facilities staff will prepare the key(s) and/or FOB(s) and will notify the requestor when the work order is complete and ready for pick up. The requestor should then inform the Staff and/or Faculty member that their order is ready to be picked up from the Facilities Office.

Please see Facilities Key Procedure for lost or stolen keys and card swipe access.

Facilities Key Returns

Key returns have always been face to face and many times very crowded. In an effort to minimize these face to face transactions and support social distancing we have modified our key return procedures. Now on the outside of Building SS-17 and FAC-54 we have placed 3 boxes - 1 for Blank Key Return Forms, 1 for empty envelopes and the last one for the actual key return. Individuals may come by the building any time day or night, take a blank key return form - fill it out, place the form and the keys into the envelopes provided and then place the envelope in the key return box.