“Blockchain is a decentralized system of computers that enables the transfer and storage of information in a secure and fast way. This innovative technology removes the need for the middleman by mathematically and cryptographically guaranteeing that an event happened. Events recorded and secured on a decentralized ledger, such as a transfer of money, a vote, or shipment of produce, cannot be hacked, guaranteeing trust for all on the network.”

– Ryan Williams Executive Director The Blockchain

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General - Entrepreneur Offerings

Blockchain Foundations15 Hours
Blockchain & Bitcoin Intensives 10 Hours
Blockchain Development 10 Hours

Professional Offerings

Blockchain for Lawyers15 Hours
The Blockchain Regulatory Environment 15 Hours
Blockchain for the Supply Chain Sector 15 Hours
Blockchain for Accountants 10 Hours
Blockchain and the Financial Services Sector 10 Hours
Blockchain and the Insurance Sector 10 Hours
Blockchain and the Healthcare Sector 10 Hours
Crypto Trading 10 Hours

Developer - Technical Offerings

Blockchain Architecture Course 24 Hours
Blockchain Security Workshop 16 Hours
Ethereum Developer 16 Hours
EOS Developer 16 Hours
Corda Developer 16 Hours


Certified Blockchain Project Manager 80 Hours
Certified Blockchain Developer 80 Hours
Certified Blockchain Business Professional 80 Hours


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