How might TCC redesign its student experience through an innovative model that removes barriers for all students to be successful? 

TCC cares about its faculty, staff and students. In the process of asking the above question, the Office of the Provost engaged over 170 faculty and staff to share their views and recommendations on how to redesign the student experience that leads to increased student engagement and success.

Feedback was provided and a list of campus-wide barriers, as well as high impact strategies were identified. Thorough documentation of this process was taken, resulting in a college-wide infographic mapping out our student needs, demographic makeup, intervention strategies and student success factors.  

Please take a moment to review the following CARE Infographic to learn more about the specific strategies recommended. A collage of innovative posters were created from individual teams, mapping out the pathway for students along their TCC journey (). 

Click About CARE to download and print the CARE Infographic. 

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