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By working together with our vendors, all pieces of the purchasing puzzle will come together. We look forward to working with you.

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Become a Vendor at TCC

Update Vendor Information

In order to make changes to your supplier information you must login to the TCC Supplier Portal. Click on the supplier link below and login.

Supplier Portal

If you do not have login credentials you will need to send an e-mail to Dustin Frost at to request them. You will need to provide a contact name, phone number and valid e-mail address. E-mail address must be an individual address and not a generic company e-mail address.



Vendor Application Requirements

Vendors are required to submit a TCC Vendor Application and either a W-9 or W-8 form electronically using the link below. Note, for vendors outside the United States, please complete the W-8 form instead of the W-9.

Any vendor claiming a Minority status must upload and attach their Minority Certification Form to their online TCC Vendor Application Form.

Vendor Application Form

Once the vendor application and W-9 (or W-8) are received and processed, you will receive an email containing your TCC Vendor ID number.

How to do Business with TCC


The Purchasing Department at Tallahassee Community College (TCC) is charged with managing the acquisition of commodities and services necessary to meet the College’s requirements. All of the staff members in the Purchasing Department are devoted to fostering a mutually beneficial and cooperative relationship between TCC staff and our suppliers.

TCC Purchasing 101 For Vendors 

The Purchasing Department’s main purpose is to assure that the College’s expenditures relating to the acquisition of commodities and services are in compliance with TCC’s policies, state requirements and sound business practices. While accomplishing our purpose the department is focused on obtaining quality commodities and services, and in making sure they are delivered in a timely manner.

Department staff is committed to maintaining an effective partnership among TCC staff, our suppliers and our department.

This is an exciting time for Tallahassee Community College and for the Purchasing Department. The department is undertaking new programs and initiatives to assure that the college and the department remain on top of its game ! For example, we are currently listing our formal solicitations on the My Florida Vendor Bid System Website and under the Solicitation Documents section of this TCC Purchasing website.

What is a Purchase Order (PO)?

A purchase order (PO) is a formal document issued by the TCC Purchasing Department to the vendor. This document will indicate the quantity of the commodities or services required and will show the price that has been given by the vendor. Issuing a PO to a vendor constitutes a legal offer to buy the commodities or services. Acceptance of a PO by a vendor forms a binding agreement between the college and the vendor for them to provide us with the commodities or services at a stated price.​

Formal Sealed Bids: invitation to Bid (ITB) or Request for Proposal (RFP) for commodities/services $65,000.00+

All purchases for commodities/services $65,000.00 or more, whether one time purchases or an accumulation of like items, are required to be handled through a competitive solicitation, unless specifically exempt from competitive bidding as indicated in Department of Education Rules and Regulations or Board Policy.

Competitive solicitations are mailed or delivered to the college in a sealed envelope on a specified date and time and are opened on a specified date and time.

Exceptions to the bidding requirement are the following:

a) Educational tests, textbooks, instructional materials and equipment, films, filmstrips, video tapes, disc or tape recordings or similar audio visual materials, and graphic or computer-based instructional software.

b) Library books, reference books, periodicals, and other library materials and supplies.

c) Purchases at the unit or contract prices established through competitive solicitations by any unit of government established by law or buying cooperatives.

d) Food.

e) Services or commodities available only from a single or sole source. (Approved documentation from the manufacturer of the item is required for this type of purchase).

f) Professional services, including, but not limited to, artistic services, instructional services, health services, academic program reviews, lectures by individuals, attorneys, legal services, auditors, and management consultants.

g) Information technology resources as defined in Section 6A-14.0734(2), FAC.

h) Single source procurements for purposes of economy or efficiency in standardization of materials.

i) Items for resale.

Purchases exceeding Florida Statutes 287.017 Category 5 must be approved by the TCC District Board of Trustees.​

Piggybacking or Tagging onto other Competitive Solicitations

In lieu of the Purchasing Department soliciting competitive bids from vendors for commodities/services, the college may be able to make purchases from other city, county, state agency, other schools boards, community colleges or state universities contracts if the language in their solicitations allows for this practice. The vendor must agree to this and offer the college the same prices and terms and conditions as shown in their original bid response. In using this method it must be determined to be in the best interest of the college for us to do so.​


Important Note for Vendors 

No TCC staff member has the authority to contact a vendor and place an order that obligates the college for payment for commodities/services prior to the Purchasing Department issuing a formal Purchase Order unless the purchase is made using a TCC Purchasing Card (P-Card).

Equal Access/Equal Opportunity, Discrimination, Sexual Misconduct, and Unlawful Harassment

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