Frequently Asked Questions


Does TCC recycle?

Yes, we have a recycling container available outside of the Student Union. 
In 2019, we began distributing recycling containers campus-wide. You can also see our campus recycling station map. HERE

What can I recycle?

See the complete list of recyclable materials from MARPAN Recycling and Tallahassee Recycling Guide.

Who do I contact when I need my temperature adjusted?

Facilities does its best to maintain all spaces at a comfortable yet energy-efficient temperature. 
All requests to adjust temperature must be submitted through the Aim System.

Requests must meet the following guidelines.
During Summer Office hours: 73°-80° 
During Winter Office hours: 67.5°-75.5°

If your room temperature falls outside of  these guidelines, please have your building representative enter a work request in the Aim system.


How do I request keys? To request keys for staff or faculty, submit a work order in the AiM system. Please allow 3-4 working days for key requests to be completed. 

How do I return keys? Key returns have always been face to face and many times very crowded. In an effort to minimize these face to face transactions and support social distancing, we have modified our key return procedures. Now on the outside of Support Services (SS) Building #17, we have placed three boxes - 1 for Blank Key Return Forms, 1 for empty envelopes, and the last one for the actual key return. Individuals may come by the building any time day or night, take a blank key return form - fill it out, place the form and the keys into the envelopes provided and then place the envelope in the key return box.

Surplus and Furniture Moving

Facilities staff move selected furniture to and from surplus. If you are interested in viewing items in surplus, please place a workorder in the AiM system, and a Facilities staff member will contact you.

Where is Facilities located?

Facilities is located in Support Services (SS) building #17 near the TCC parking garage. Maintenance and Facilities Offices are located in (FAC) building #54. Click Here For Directions